Back to Work scheme

Making it easy for eligible employers to benefit from the Back to Work (BTW) Scheme governed our approach to this challenging program of work. The scheme aims to encourage job growth by offering financial assistance for employers who provide ongoing roles and accredited training to eligible employees.

In a short timeframe to develop and administer BTW, we delivered our key objectives: a Back to Work microsite and welcome page, a streamlined online claims system and an email reminder service for customers. In real terms, we were prepared to assist employers from 1 April with their new starters; from 1 June a microsite and reminder service were made available; and from 1 July, the BTW system was ready for online claims enabling employers to apply through a simple three-step process utilising electronic payments and automated verification checks.

The BTW system is proof that the innovation and technologies available to us, when coupled with strong collaboration, will create a simple and effective experience for customers.