This year we embarked on extensive testing and planning to introduce an alternative for customers who prefer receiving their land tax assessments online to that of traditional paper correspondence.

BPAY View, already used by more than 1.5 million Australians, will offer customers the convenience of electronic assessments via their existing online banking account. This option requires no new passwords or additional identity checks for the customer, thereby facilitating a smooth transition for them into a familiar and trusted online environment. They will also have the ability to pay online 24 hours a day, receive greater certainty around the timing and storage of their assessments, and the choice to schedule payments.

BPAY View also offers considerable cost savings to the SRO (a 60 per cent decrease compared to printing and delivering hardcopy assessments) and strong efficiency gains. With significant changes required to our internal systems, and extensive testing carried out, BPAY View will be fully implemented and available for customers in the 2016 land tax assessment year.