Duties Online and PEXA

The successful live integration with Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA) was a key driver in the industry’s national shift towards end-to-end electronic settlements and further strengthened our digital future in revenue management.

By linking Duties Online (DOL) with PEXA in 2014-15, we expanded the reach of our existing online duty payment system beyond its original scope to provide customers easy access to a convenient online portal for electronic conveyancing.

Now, via DOL our customers can access a PEXA web interface to complete fast, secure and efficient transactions without the need to leave their home or office. While DOL caters for lodging and assessing all transactions, PEXA’s suite of features covers the majority of land title events in Victoria, including land transfers, mortgage discharges, payment of settlement monies, caveats, notices, land transfer duty and acquisition notices and title.

This fully electronic settlement process saves customers crucial time and money, and reflects their growing preference for simple digital tools to help them go about their daily business. This year registered DOL users almost doubled to 2507 from the previous 12 months, and they self-assessed a record high of almost 200,000 documents (about 87 per cent of all duties transactions).