Educating customers

In 2014-15 we enhanced the focus of our external education strategies to reflect a growing customer preference for learning in a cost-effective digital space.

The scope of online learning taps into a geographically vast and interactive audience, a fact endorsed by the more than 100 webinars we streamed to participants across Victoria and beyond.

The benefits of online education allow our customers to:

  • Improve their understanding of taxes from wherever they are – metropolitan, rural or even overseas,
  • Fit education around other commitments,
  • Vary our webinars to suit diverse contexts (professionals, industry bodies), and
  • Have time to download the resources before a webinar begins

This flexible delivery allows customers to learn at home, in the office, or any place that suits them. They can formulate specific questions for our webinar facilitators and share their digital resources with others.

Again this year, we also produced a range of videos in multiple languages for our website to answer common questions about trending issues.