Land tax customer portal

The convenience of technology continually challenges us to provide our customers with choices that integrate seamlessly into their wired and mobile lives.

With this in mind, we successfully piloted an online portal that gives customers access to easily update their property ownership details without the need to call or visit us. These are cases where an incorrect principal place of residence (PPR) exemption may exist and the property owner is not paying the right amount of tax at the right time. This initiative, a key component of the ongoing Land Tax Compliance Program, offers flexibility for customers so they can complete this request around their other commitments and in their own time.

The successful pilot of 1182 cases generated an assessment value of more than $6 million in revenue this year. Other proven efficiencies attributed to this online portal include the automation of certain administrative aspects, thereby reducing the time and costs of investigation activities going forward. A full roll-out is expected in 2015-16.