People and culture

We strive to recruit the most capable and talented staff to contribute to outstanding customer service, compliance, education, training and strategic project management.


Recruiting activity in both our Melbourne and Ballarat offices continued to contribute to the success of major government initiatives such as Back to Work, the Land Tax Compliance Project and the metropolitan planning levy. Roles advertised externally continue to attract competitive fields of high-quality candidates, demonstrating that we are an appealing employment option.

Our in-house recruitment specialists continue to work closely with managers across the business to ensure recruitment strategies remain relevant and effective. In 2014-15 we enhanced our recruitment and selection practices to support public sector transparency and merit requirements, and continued with a detailed training program for managers and selection panel members. This focus ensures our processes result in the best candidate selection decisions.


We continue to offer a range of programs for career development to help us retain our outstanding staff.  Again in 2014-15 almost 300 internal job opportunities (promotions, transfers and higher-duties assignments) were taken up by staff, and 58 external recruits also joined the office. This year, our turnover rate of ongoing staff (excluding Involuntary and end of fixed-term contracts) was 3.1 per cent.

Health and wellbeing

An outstanding health and safety record is a source of much pride at the SRO, and our central focus is always the wellbeing of staff. We provide excellent work-life balance, professional flexibility and support for a range of health and wellbeing initiatives. This year, we recorded only six minor staff injuries and there was only one successful workers compensation claim (the first since 2012-13).

This outcome continues an outstanding record in ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy work environment by minimising workplace injuries and their associated consequences. This approach is reflected in our WorkCover premium, which reduced by almost 7 per cent in 2014-15, following a reduction of almost 10 per cent in 2013-14. Our WorkCover claims cost rate continues to be significantly lower than the industry average, by almost 40 per cent in 2014-15.

Educating our staff

Our workplace education strategy aims to empower staff so they can drive innovation, enhance their knowledge base and contribute to excellent customer service.

By encouraging individual learning, we can deliver high-quality training programs and ensure each person has the right skills and knowledge to be effective in their role.

In 2014-15, we provided on average 4.72 days of training to each FTE staff member – a combined total of 2245 training days for the year. In real terms, we delivered 93.4 per cent of the 576 formal training requests we received from staff.

Wherever possible we focus on approved qualifications and this year several staff graduated with nationally recognised qualifications, including:

  • Certificate IV in Government (Revenue Administration)
  • Certificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance)
  • Certificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)
  • Diploma in Government (investigations)
  • Advanced Diploma of Management

Social responsibility and the environment

Being a good corporate citizen makes good business sense, and so we provide a framework for staff to support causes important to them and endorse practices friendly to the environment.

As strong advocates of corporate social responsibility, we offer staff the opportunity to fundraise for chosen charities each year, or to take time out and pursue a volunteering program for the benefit of a worthy cause.

We are also committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, and encouraging our staff to participate in initiatives and programs aimed at improving our environmental performance.

In 2014-15, we completed our roll-out of an enhanced office waste and recycling program, upgraded our printing and scanning functions to further reduce our paper usage, and participated in National Ride to Work Day, World Environment Day and Earth Hour.

SRO staff profile

Details Values
Average age 43
Average length of service 12.15 years
Gender - males 49.90%
Gender - females 50.10%
Post-secondary qualifications 79%