Progress Against Statement of Expectations Targets

In his Statement of Expectations 2014-16, the Treasurer expects ongoing targets and improvements for the following:

Reduce the number of land tax amendment requests as a proportion of total land tax assessments by 5 per cent

We commenced development of a new land tax system, which will transform the way we update property ownership information. The new system, along with other initiatives to improve our land tax data, will reduce the need to amend assessments after they have been issued. We will be able to measure its performance against this target once we commence implementation of the new system over the coming year.

Reduce processing time by 21 days for three types of duties transactions:

  • Late duties lodgements,

  • Unrelated sub-sale with off-the-plan concessions, and

  • Transfer to super fund exemption

Each of these transactions can now be processed in real time, using our Duties Online system, as a result of systems upgrades implemented last year. We have now successfully met this target, with processing times for these transactions reduced by 21 days.

Improve the task completion score for the SRO website to 2.1

In June last year we launched our new website with easier searching, enhanced content and improved navigation and design. We will conduct further testing in 2015-16 on the website, which was designed based on the findings and recommendations from a usability study commissioned in 2013, to measure the improvements in our task completion score against the SoE target.

Reduce calls relating to Duties Online password resets by 80 per cent

To achieve this target, we enhanced Duties Online last year to enable registered users to reset their passwords online. This has reduced red tape for users as they no longer have to call us to reset their password.

This target was set in the SoE based on a benchmark of 1256 password reset phone calls in 2013-14 when there were 1500 registered users for Duties Online. However since last financial year, there has been a 73 per cent increase in the number of registered users, because the types of transactions that can be processed online have been extended. As a result, about 2600 users are now benefiting from reduced processing times and the ease of using Duties Online.

To reflect that the baseline for the target has changed overtime due to the significant increase in new Duties Online registrants, from next year, we will report against a target of 80 per cent of Duties Online password resets to be completed online. Going forward this will provide a more accurate indicator of the number of users saving time and money by taking advantage of online password resets.

In 2014-15, out of a total of 6103 password resets, there were 4696 (or 77 per cent) completed online, and 1407 phone calls were received in relation to password resets.

Continue to use appropriate forums to advocate for payroll tax harmonisation (including legislative harmony and administrative consistency) across all Australian states and territories

Last year, we continued our commitment to reducing red tape through payroll tax harmonisation by working with the other state and territory revenue offices to:

  • Deliver harmonised policy and legislation outcomes, through the Tax Law Committee and the Payroll Tax Harmonisation Revenue Rulings Sub-Committee, including progressing harmonised amendments to the owner driver provisions,
  • Promote administrative consistency, through participating in the Commissioners’ Business Practices Committee, and consulting with other jurisdictions on a total of 24 private rulings and objections where the applicant had payroll tax obligations in other jurisdictions,
  • Contribute to consistent outcomes in payroll tax audits, through bimonthly teleconferences and the annual compliance conference, and
  • Deliver harmonised customer education initiatives through the Interjurisdictional Training and Customer Education Committee. This included running 46 webinars in conjunction with all revenue offices (excluding ACT), and producing six videos which were launched via

Continue to monitor public awareness and understanding of taxation administration and delivery timely, accurate and accessible information and advice to taxpayers

Last year we demonstrated our commitment to providing high-quality and timely information and advice based on the needs and expectations of our customers, and making it easier for taxpayers to comply by:

  • Continuing to enhance and update advice and services on our website, including developing information and advice on the new Back to Work scheme and co-designing an online claim form for Back to Work payments with employers,
  • Using data matching to target compliance activities in key risk areas. In 2014-15 this included establishing voluntary disclosure programs aimed at licensed motor car traders, and the security industry,
  • Addressing frequently asked questions dynamically through videos on our website and developing new brochures issued with objection decisions, and
  • Delivering 134 webinars, and leading discussion groups for 31 peak bodies, benefiting a total of 5372 participants, as well as launching 17 new payroll tax and land tax videos