Victoria’s revenue collection

We, as the state’s chief revenue management agency, are determined to seize new opportunities that will make Victoria a better place to do business. Access to the highest standards of customer service is a priority, as is taking on major reforms that support the state’s thriving economy.

As such, the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC), with our assistance, undertook a prefeasibility assessment of the further consolidation of statewide revenue collection. This was done by drawing on the practical experience of other jurisdictions (NSW and Queensland) that have transferred gaming tax and/or mining royalty collection to their revenue offices.

The study recommended that appointing the SRO as the lead revenue-raising agency across the state would generate significant benefits for all Victorians in terms of efficiency gains.

We will continue to liaise with the Department of Treasury and Finance and the other relevant departments about how to deliver the best revenue administration options for the state.