Website redevelopment

Customers are increasingly savvy across multiple technologies and devices, and understandably expect our services to keep pace. When and how they want to do business with us is at the centre of our daily operations and drives us to meet their changing needs.

A cornerstone of this approach is our prime digital presence – the website – which we relaunched this year with enhanced design and refreshed content.

With year-on-year online visitor growth of more than 20 per cent reflecting our customers’ preferred way to do business with us, we leveraged user testing to design a site featuring optimised content suitable for all devices. Layered with “plain English” information, the site meets the needs of our two principal online audiences – individuals wanting infrequent but specific information and access to services, and business professionals who require more regular access to detailed and tax-technical content.

By engaging customers in their own space, we can seamlessly merge with innovative technology already common in their everyday lives. Our aim now and into the future is help customers find what they need, understand what they find, and use what they find to meet their needs. Clear and consistent content, in concert with technology, allows us to provide more information online to reach them in a more meaningful way.